Dvorak–QWERTY ⌘ on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Mike Solomon

I use the Dvorak keyboard layout, but prefer to retain my usual keyboard shortcuts from QWERTY.

Inspired by Mac OS X’s Dvorak-QWERTY Command layout, I have found ways to convert my Dvorak layout to QWERTY only while a modifier key is held down on Windows, Mac, and Linux for both the Dvorak Simplified and Programmer Dvorak layouts.

Mac OS X

I came up with a Programmer Dvorak–QWERTY Command setup that I use daily on my MacBook. It is effectively QWERTY when Control, Option, or Command (⌘) are not held down.

I have a blog post about how to duplicate my setup, or you can use the built-in Dvorak – QWERTY ⌘ which only switches back to QWERTY when Command is held down.


On Windows I used AutoHotkey to rebind my keys when Control, Alt, or Super (Windows) are not held down.

Layout Download
Dvorak Simplified (normal) Source Binary
Programmer Dvorak Source Binary


Back when I used desktop Linux, I used dvorak-qwerty to swap my keyboard layout. I found this to be the least reliable layout between the three operating systems, but I never found a better way than this program which rebinds at the X11 level.

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