Keybearer: Decrypt a secret using M of N keys

Mike Solomon

Keybearer uses several independent passwords to encrypt a file and later requires a subset of those passwords to decrypt it.

All operation are performed in client-side Javascript, so you can try it live right now.


For example, Magician Mike uses Keybearer to encrypt the password to his laptop containing his secret repertoire of tricks. He gives the 3 passcodes he used to his estranged siblings Alice, Bob, and Charlie, on the condition that at least 2 of them reunite on his death to gaze on the majesty of his secrets.

After Magician Mike is tragically sawed in half by his careless assistant, Alice and Bob meet to decrypt Mike’s files using their passcodes. They are reunited through their Keybearer experience, while Charlie maintains his grudge and burns his passcode with fire.

More on GitHub

Keybearer is open source, so feel free to fork it on GitHub!


I am not responsible for anything bad that results from the use of this software, nor am I liable: use this software at your own risk. In no circumstances should you rely on this to protect you or your data. This is a proof of concept created by someone with no security expertise.